Emerging trends in infrastructure

Décembre 2022
KPMG (25 pages).

2023 may represent an epoch unlike any other. Future generations may look back at 2023 with deep admiration or deep scorn. They may praise leaders for their foresight or damn them for their inaction. Leaders today have a choice.
The repercussions of these choices can resonate for future generations. The risk is that leaders allow the worst of our human nature to rule decisionmaking during this period of massive social, political, economic and environmental change; collaboration could falter, globalization could fail, and society could fracture. The opportunity is that leaders allow the best of human nature to win the day. Society could unite in the face of danger, adapt to change, and innovate in adversity.
The willingness to let go of the past may largely dictate how societies move into the future. They won’t make much progress if they are shackled to sunk investments and entrenched systems. They won’t innovate if they can’t open their minds to new ideas and approaches. They won’t adapt if they aren’t looking ahead. And they won’t unite unless they believe in a better future.