GPoC 2023, Global Powers of Construction

Juillet 2023
Deloitte (52 pages).

Looking at the prospects of the industry today, construction is expected to record sluggish growth in 2023, mainly due to the weak economic situation and negative conditions represented by increased construction material costs and significant labor shortages. However, with improvements in economic stability, certain areas such as investment in the infrastructure and energy and utilities sectors could be major drivers of overall construction output growth.
The total revenue obtained by the GPoC in 2022 amounted to US$ 1,940 trillion, 6.3% higher than in 2021. From the geographical distribution point of view, 54% of revenue originates from companies based in China, with the remaining revenue coming from Europe (particularly France and Spain), Japan, the United States and South Korea; these companies account for 20%, 10%, 8% and 4% of total sales, respectively. These percentages remain fairly consistent with sales achieved in the prior year. Due to the negative evolution of the exchange
rate against the US dollar (USD) of the currencies of the main geographical areas indicated, the increase in sales in local currency was greater, with an overall rise of 20.9% with respect to the 2021 sales figure.