Infrastructure Monitor 2022 : Global trends in private investment in infrastructure

Février 2023
Global Infrastructure Hub (93 pages). 

Infrastructure Monitor is the Global Infrastructure Hub’s (GI Hub) flagship report, produced annually. It identifies and examines global trends in private investment in infrastructure.
The data insights included in the report help governments, investors, and the broader infrastructure industry steer infrastructure investment where it is needed.
As a data resource serving the G20, this report is also used to monitor progress toward establishing infrastructure as an asset class, an objective set by the G20 in 2018. Infrastructure Monitor insights address key priorities of the G20 and provide policymakers with global benchmarks.
Data used and analysed in the Infrastructure Monitor 2022 report were gathered from our partners EDHECinfra and GRESB, and we received data and support from MSCI and Moody’s. This report was first released in October 2022, covering trends in: i) private investment in infrastructure projects; ii) infrastructure investment performance; iii) availability of private capital for infrastructure; and iv) the role of multilateral development banks in private investment in infrastructure. An additional section on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in infrastructure investment will be released shortly after the initial release, to allow for the inclusion of the most current data.