- Antwerpse Bouwwerken (EIFFAGE) : main structure of an office building with a surface area of almost 19,000 sqm and a car park of 874 parking spaces and 22,000 sqm in Laakdal
    - De Graeve / Duchêne (EIFFAGE) : underground Grognon car park with 700 spaces in Namur
    - Herbosch-Kiere (EIFFAGE) : construction of a mobile storm barrier in the Nieuwpoort harbor channel
    - SADE : sewerage of Chièvre, Huissignies and Tongres : gravitary sewerage DN250-315-400 mm (5,820 m), supply and laying of concrete chambers (116 u), construction of masonry rainwater outfall (33 u), pipe jacking DN1,400 (140 m), concrete roads (1,500 sqm), hydrocarbon roads (1,700 sqm), road coating (7,500 sqm), road paving (450 sqm), sewers DN160-315 (630 m), house connections (110 u), pumping stations (civil engineering and electromechanical works, 5 u), lifting pipes DN125 (directional drilling and laying in open trench, 1,235 m)
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE) : metal components for Norther offshore wind farm
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE) : Noordkasteelbruggen bridge in Antwerp
    - Spie Belgium (SPIE) : plumbing works and HVAC for the AZ Delta new hospital, in partnership with Engie et Cegelec
    - Spie Belgium (SPIE) : low current works in the subway for the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region
    - Spie Belgium (SPIE) : Tihange, maintenance works, grids and electricity
    - Spie Belgium (SPIE) : Antwerp, maintenance works of pipes for Total Raffinaderijn
    - Spie Belgium (SPIE) : renovation of the 150 kV HV Ruien power station
    - Valens / Duchêne / Eiffage Construction Grands Projets (EIFFAGE) : construction of the new head office of BNP Paribas Fortis with a surface area of 95,000 sqm

    Czech Republic
    - COLAS : repaving and widening of two sections of the D1 Motorway
    - Eurovia CS (EUROVIA), lead company / Eurovia Beton (EUROVIA) / COLAS : contract to upgrade a section between Horice and Koberovice as part of the refurbishment of the D1, Czech Republic's main motorway, which links Prague and Brno. The upgrade of the 6.5 km section is designed to enhance safety and traffic flow on the artery, which carries 100,000 vehicles per day
    - Eurovia CS (EUROVIA), as part of a joint venture : improvement of the railway line between Cesky Tesin and Detmarovice, near the Polish border in the eastern part of the country. The work includes reconstruction of the stations : all technologies, safety and communication equipment, as well as traction lines, lower part of the track, structures and platforms. The project will be completed in August 2019
    - Eurovia CS (EUROVIA), as part of a joint venture : modernisation of the Veseli nad Moravou station in the southeastern part of the country. The project includes construction works (platform, cable installation, superstructure and lower part of the rails), as well as reconstruction (pedestrian underpass and bridge) and technologies. The project is set for completion in November 2019
    - PRUMSTAV (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : construction of 2 residential buildings, 5 storeys each, including 50 and 100 flats, the « Letnany gardens », in Prague
    - SMP CZ (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : construction of new installations for the Pisek drinking water treatment plant

    - Bohlen & Doyen GmbH (SPIE) : EUGAL pipeline (lots 5 and 6), civil engineering and pipework for the construction of a gas pipeline, as part of a joint-venture with SICIM S.p.A, for Gascade
    - Bohlen & Doyen GmbH (SPIE) : DolWin 6, engineering, drilling and cable laying
    - Eiffage Métal / Smulders (EIFFAGE) : metal components for Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm
    - Eiffage Rail (EIFFAGE) : upgrading of Taucha station
    - Eurovia Germany (EUROVIA) : contract to build a section of the A7 motorway between the Bockenem and Göttingen junctions. The project will completely replace a 29.2 km section with a new dual three-lane carriageway. The motorway will remain open to traffic throughout the works
    - Eurovia Germany (EUROVIA) : installation of noise barriers between the Bavarian towns of Buchloe and Memmingen along the ABS48 railway corridor linking Munich and Zurich. The teams will install a total of eight noise barriers in four sections (combined length : 3,500 metres). The work is set for completion in December 2018
    - Faber Bau (EIFFAGE) : A3/A66 interchange
    - Faber Bau / Wittfeld (EIFFAGE) : upgrading of tram tracks in Mannheim business area
    - Heinrich Walter (EIFFAGE) : level crossings in Bielefeld
    - Lück Gebäudetechnik GmbH (SPIE) : construction of a new datacenter SAP Walldorf : project planning and technical installation of power, security, air conditioning and ventilation systems and IT-Infrastructure
    - SEH (EIFFAGE) : Tiefenbachtal bridge
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE) : metal components for Hohe See offshore wind farm
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE) : metal components for Trianel offshore wind farm
    - SPIE GmbH (SPIE) : operation of technical facilities for Deka
    - SPIE GmbH (SPIE) : technical management of the installations for DNV GL
    - SPIE GmbH (SPIE) : infrastructural and technical building management for BIM Kulturporfolio
    - SPIE GmbH (SPIE) : operation of technical facilities in laboratory in Berlin-Brandenburg and office building, maintenance and inspection of building facilities (electrical engineering, mechanics, HVAC)
    - SPIE GmbH (SPIE) : multi-technical operation and maintenance for Lufthansa : operation of technical facilities 365 days/24 hours, maintenance and inspection of building and production facilities
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE) : grid construction, transmission lines, civil engineering, pipework and lightning for RWE Westnetz
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE) : Wintrack NoordWest, 380 kV line construction for TenneT Nederland
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE) : construction of a 110 kV and 10 kV substation for the Münster power plant in Stuttgart
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE) : Eickum, renewal and expansion of the 380/10 kV substation for TenneT
    - TKP Krächan GmbH (EUROVIA), as part of a joint venture : bypass project at Hochstetten-Dhaun along Bundesstraße 41 (B41) including the construction of the noise barrier foundations, a stream crossing, a 300-metre bridge and a retaining wall along a railway line. The bypass works are scheduled for completion at the end of 2018
    - Wittfeld (EIFFAGE) : railway track works on Dortmund-Dinslaken line

    - COLAS HUNGARIA (COLAS) : construction of the Miskolc-Tomyosnemeti section on motorway M30
    - COLAS HUNGARIA (COLAS) : construction of two sections of the M25 south expressway
    - COLAS HUNGARIA (COLAS) : road construction on the M70 expressway between Letenye and Tomyiszentmiklos
    - COLAS HUNGARIA (COLAS) : construction of a dam on the Tisza River
    - COLAS HUNGARIA (COLAS) : construction of water treatment plants in Martonvasar, Gyuro, Rackeresztur, Tordas, Pincehely, Bataszek, Bata and Tapolca
    - COLAS HUNGARIA (COLAS) : repair of dikes on Lake Velence
    - Spie Sud Est (SPIE) : biogenerators for Ceva Phylaxia Veterinary Zrt in Budapest

    - COLAS IRELAND (COLAS) : widening and repaving on a section of the M7 motorway

    - Eurovia Lietuva (EUROVIA) : upgrading of a section of the A5 motorway along European Route 67, also called the Via Baltica, which runs from Helsinki to Prague. The contract includes doubling of the two-lanes and the installation of nearly 7 km of noise barriers. The work is set for completion by the end of 2018

    - Perrard (EIFFAGE) : construction of 2 twin Capelli towers, 50 m high, in Esch Belval. Connected by a footbridge, they will integrate housings, offices, shops and parking spaces
    - Spie Belgium (SPIE) : installation of HVAC batches (including reversible ceilings), sanitary and sprinkling in the Zenith building

    - NGE Contracting (NGE) / Guintoli (NGE), lead contractor / Bauer : improvement of the wastewater collection in Skopje including 8.5 km length of pipeline installation in deep excavations (pipe diameter is 1.80 m)

    - SADE : design-and-build contract for 56 km of drinking water supply network laid in open trench and using directional drilling in Chisinau : installation of manholes and house connections to the new networks

    The Netherlands
    - Spie Nederland (SPIE) : Vierverlaten-Eemshaven link, installation of electric conductors south-west 380 kV for TenneT TSO BV
    - Spie Nederland (SPIE) : Vierverlaten-Eemshaven link, new construction 380 kV for TenneT TSO BV
    - Spie Nederland (SPIE) : Vierverlaten-Eemshaven link, assembling of the conductor line north-west 380 kV for TenneT TSO BV
    - Spie Nederland (SPIE) : Vierverlaten-Eemshaven link, new construction 380 kV for TenneT TSO BV
    - Spie Nederland (SPIE) : Vierverlaten-Eemshaven link, electric conductor south-west 380 kV for TenneT TSO BV
    - VINCI Construction Grands Projets (VINCI CONSTRUCTION), 25% / MOBILIS, 25% / DIMCO, 25% / TBI, 25% : Rijnland Route, design and build project for the new road link between Katwijk, via the A44, and the A4 in Leiden

    - Krüger Kaldnes (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES) : design and build a complete, turnkey farm for Atlantic salmon post-smolts (RAS : recirculating Aquaculture System). Lerøy Sjøtroll's Kjærelva plant will be one of the world's largest salmon post smolt, with the highest standards, and a strong focus on biosecurity, fish logistics and footprint

    - Eiffage Polska Budownictwo (EIFFAGE) : residential complex of 287 apartments located in Varsaw carried out as a general contractor on behalf of Echo-Browary Warszawskie Sp. Z o. o. with a total surface area of 29,520 sqm
    - Eiffage Polska Budownictwo (EIFFAGE) : Osiedle Perspektywa residential complex including 5 buildings for a total of 199 housings in Poznan (18,000 sqm)
    - Eiffage Polska Budownictwo (EIFFAGE) : Hanza Tower in Szczecin with conference and training center, coupled with a residential complex of 480 housings (total surface area : 57,000 sqm)
    - Eiffage Polska Budownictwo (EIFFAGE) : Zebra residential complex of 2 buildings (16,500 sqm) in Wroclaw
    - Eurovia Poland (EUROVIA) : contract with the municipal highways authority of Tychy (a major industrial centre) for the refurbishment of a 2.5 km section, two underpasses and the construction of a new junction to connect the DK44 national highway with three city streets. The work is scheduled for completion in October 2019
    - Spie Polska Sp. z o.o. (SPIE) : XEOS aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul facility, electrical installation
    - Spie Polska Sp. z o.o. (SPIE) : multi-technical building management, infrastructural management and security for Prologis
    - Spie Polska Sp. z o.o. (SPIE) : electrical and low voltage installations for the Color Park shopping centre in Nowy Targ : CCTV, AC, fire detection, BMS
    - WARBUD (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : construction of the office tower « Skyliner » in Warsaw. This tower, 195 meters high, with a total area of 44,000 sqm, will have 45 levels : 30 offices floors, 4 commercial floors, 5 levels of underground parking, 2 floors SkyBar and 4 technical levels. This project will obtain BREEAM certificate « Excellent »
    - WARBUD (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : construction of the « Mennica Legacy Tower », a 140-metre high standing office building, in Warsaw. This 34 storeys tower and the contiguous 10 storeys building will have a total area of 105,000 sqm This complex will obtain BREEAM certificate « Excellent »
    - WARBUD (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : design and build of a 2.5-km section of S17 expressway for the Warsaw east bypass. This 3-year project encompasses several civil engineering structures including Zakret junction, and improvement of a section of national road n°2 as well as local roads

    - VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES : VolgaKaliy mine expansion project. The HPD® crystallization technology will be used for the production of two million tons per year of high purity (98.5%) potassium chloride fertilizer from brine produced from conventionally mined sylvinite ore

    - SADE : construction of the waste water treatment plant for the Kostolac thermoelectric power plant : 4 treatment stations, Oiy and HFO polluted WWTP, FGD and chemically polluted WWTP, sanitary wastewater biological treatment, storm water cleaning

    - COLAS SLOVAQUIA (COLAS) : construction at the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Nitra
    - EUROVIA, lead company : contract to build a new 8 km section of the D1 motorway near the eastern city of Presov. The contract includes the construction of a large number of engineering structures and installation of noise barriers over more than six kilometres. Eurovia will coordinate construction, which got under way in the summer of 2017 and is set for completion in 2021. The project will employ up to 500 people at peak activity
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE) : P. Biskupice, substation reconstruction for SEPS a.s.
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE) : Bystricany substation reconstruction for SEPS a.s.

    - Eiffage Energia (EIFFAGE) : electrification of the Mallorca rail network between the Enllaç and Sa Pobla stations
    - Spie Ouest Centre (SPIE) : painting line PO Hlohovec in Barcelona for SIDASA Engineering

    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : construction of an innovative and sustainable neighbourhood «Lentillères Nord» on a plot of 35,700 sqm at Crissier, near Lausanne. Seven buildings will be built, representing by 2019, 550 housing units and 53,000 sqm of commercial and administrative space
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : construction of the VORTEX building (short for VORTEX - Housing for students and academic guests), located on the University of Lausanne campus. This project will be showcased during the Youth Olympic Games in January 2020, when it will house up to 952 tenants, athletes and chaperones. VORTEX draws its architectural uniqueness from its spiral structure, an impressive 137 m in diameter and comprising 7.3 individual spirals. It includes 3,200 sqm of facilities on the ground floor to accommodate various activities (including a childcare centre, a restaurant and a multi-purpose room). The building has a gross floor area of 60,000 sqm and 8 levels of residential units (712 in all), which range from single-student units to 5.5-room units
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : conversion and extension of the former La Poste headquarters in Bern, an office building built in 1970. The multi-product project includes a 162-room three-star business hotel, 131 luxury rental units, 11 duplex apartments and commercial surfaces. It has more than 50,000 sqm of gross floor area on eight floors and two basements
    - Losinger Marazzi (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION) : Byte IT-Office Building in Wankdorf City 2 providing space for 1700 workstations spread over eight floors. The project convinced with thorough urban integration, high-quality architecture, flexible building typology and sustainable building technology

    United Kingdom
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : emergency power generator at Hinkley Point C (unit 1 and 2)
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : construction of a Data Center VIRTUS as part of the London Stockley Park project
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : Meadows project (phase 2A) involving the design, construction and operation of 643 student bedrooms on the University's Colchester campus
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : residential scheme at Pontoon Dock with some retail elements, in east London. It comprises 236 homes, including 154 private rented sector flats
    - BOUYGUES UK (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION) : design-build of the luxury apartment building «Leon House» in the Croydon area, near London
    - COLAS RAIL LTD (COLAS) : 7-year maintenance contract of track for Network Rail
    - Eiffage Génie Civil (EIFFAGE) : coordination of High Speed 2 project
    - EUROVIA : South West Area Maintenance and Response Contract awarded by Highways England. The road and motorway network covers 1,695 km in the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. The contract takes effect on 1 July 2017 and will run for 15 years
    - Eurovia Contracting South (EUROVIA) : transformation of the Tottenham Court Road area, one of the busiest parts of central London. The current one-way traffic will be replaced with two-way streets and protected cycle lanes. Footpaths will be widened, lighting improved, pedestrian crossings installed and a wastewater drainage system added
    - Nuvia UK (Nuvia, Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : contract to design and construct the Nuclear Sampling System (NSS) at Hinkley Point C EPR site on behalf of EDF Energy. The NSS is located within the nuclear island and determines the physical-chemical properties of liquid samples. The process covers four main functions : pre-conditioning of the liquid samples, online chemical analysis, offline sample collection within gloveboxes and laboratory analysis
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE) : metal components for Beatrice offshore wind farm
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE) : metal components for Aberdeen offshore wind farm
    - Spie UK (SPIE) : LED lighting for tunnel in the Liverpool area for Mersey Travel
    - Spie UK (SPIE) : cooling system replacement of the Shell centre in London
    - Spie UK (SPIE) : M4 Brynglas LED tunnel for the Welsh Government
    - Spie UK (SPIE) : Eos project, factory out for Rolls Royce
    - Spie UK (SPIE) : LED lighting for tunnel on behalf of Manchester Airport Group
    - VINCI Construction Grands Projets (VINCI CONSTRUCTION), 16.67% / VINCI Construction UK (VINCI CONSTRUCTION), 16.67% / VINCI Construction Terrassement (VINCI CONSTRUCTION), 16.67% / BALFOUR BEATTY, 50% : High Speed 2 (HS2), contract in Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) for the design and construction of a high-speed railway line in the south-east (lot 1) and north (lot 2). The first package includes 38.6 km of railway lines (from the Long Itchington Wood Green tunnel to the Birmingham connection) whereas the second one includes 51.9 km of railway lines (from the Birmingham triangle to the west coast main line connection)


  • Algeria
    - Entrepose International Network (Entrepose, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : contract for mechanical works, steel structure, equipment installation, piping, instrumentation, electrical, insulation and painting for the client JGC

    - Sogea Satom Bénin (VINCI Construction International Network, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : rehabilitation of a 60-km section on National Road 3 between Natitingou and Boukoubé, including upgrade works, construction of a 65 metre bridge, application of asphalt mix and rock removal to be carried out on high slopes. The refurbished road will open up the area, which has substantial tourism potential

    - RAZEL-BEC : Douala Autonomous Port access

    - COLAS RAIL (COLAS) : extension of the Cairo metro line 3
    - ETF (EUROVIA) : work on phase 4B of the Cairo metro line 3 extension project. The overall line 3 extension covers 17.7 km of track. In addition, it includes construction of 15 stations (eight in tunnels, five on viaducts and two at street level), as well as a light repair depot. ETF is responsible for track design, supply and laying, including a third rail to supply power

    - Eiffage Génie Civil (Eiffage) : Tema harbour

    Ivory Coast
    - Eiffage Génie Civil (EIFFAGE) : upgrading of Félix Houphouët-Boigny bridge in Abidjan
    - NGE Contracting (NGE) : construction and development for the site's storage of Vridi South on behalf of Bolloré
    - RAZEL-BEC, 50% / SOGEA-SATOM, 50% : Bouaké-Ferké road
    - SADE : works on the lanes of the international airport Félix Houphouet Boigny of Abidjan : extension of the southern parking area, extension of the taxilane, construction of a parallel taxiway, rehabilitation of the lights of the parking area
    - SADE : reinforcement of the drinking water supply of Korhogo and Ferkessedougou cities : ductile iron pipes DN 400 (29,500 m), ductile iron pipes DN 300 (8,100 m), construction of a treatment plant (700 m3/h), construction of a reservoir (3,000 m3)

    - RAZEL-BEC, 50% / SOGEA-SATOM, 50% : Monbassa airport

    - Bouygues Bâtiment international (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION), 50% / Colas Madagascar (COLAS), 50% : design and construction of new airport terminals. At Ivato Airport in Antananarivo, a new 17,500 sqm international terminal will be built with an initial capacity of 1.5 million passengers ; the contract includes the renovation of the existing terminal to handle domestic traffic, the strengthening and full resurfacing of the runway and the technical and environmental compliance of facilities. At Fascene Airport in Nosy Be, the project involves the full refurbishment of the runway and the existing terminal, and the technical and environmental compliance of facilities

    - COLAS MAROC (COLAS) : extension of the Rabat-Salé tramway line 2
    - Générale Routière (NGE) / NGE GC (NGE) : completion of the construction of the ring road between RP 4008 and RN6
    - Générale Routière (NGE) : construction works of the Ben Ikhlef half-interchange
    - Générale Routière (NGE) : diversion of the RR701 at the section submerged by the reservoir of the Ouljat Soltane dam
    - Générale Routière (NGE) : civil and engineering works between the station of Mohammedia and Mansouriah in order to increase the capacity of the Tangier/Marrakech railway line
    - SADE : drinkng water supply of Marrakech area (lot 1) : drilling DN2,500 using mining technique, underwater works, installation of 250 T coffer dam on the under water part, installation of a 50 t water intake by acrobatic works, steel pressure pipe DN 2,000 mm (1,600 m), concrete road and support wall (1,600 m, 10,000 m3 of reinforced concrete)
    - SADE : reinforcement and drinking water supply securing of Chef Chaouen (lot pipes) : ductile iron pipes DN300 to DN600 mm (20,000 m)
    - SADE : reinforcement of the drinking water supply of Al Hoceima by sea water desalination (lot 2 : pipes) : sea water pipes (ductile iron pipes DN 400 to 700 mm, 2,019 m) ; treated water (ductile iron pipe DN 600 m, 1,010 m) ; gravitary part and brine evacuation (ductile iron pipes DN 500 and 600 mm, 2,183 m)

    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE) : contract renewal for one year for the overall maintenance of Akpo FPSO ; maintenance activities including scaffolding, insulation, painting, piping and structural works, assistance to the operations and rope access services for Total E&P Nigeria

    Republic of the Congo
    - Eiffage Génie Civil Marine (EIFFAGE) : lighterage quay for Autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire

    Republic of Djibouti
    - Eiffage Génie Civil / ETMF (EIFFAGE) : Doraleh desalination plant

    - Eiffage Sénégal (EIFFAGE) : Ila Touba connectivity
    - Eiffage Sénégal / Eiffage Rail (EIFFAGE) : Dakar regional express train (TER) which will connect central Dakar with the future Blaise-Diagne international airport
    - SADE : supply and laying of a ductile iron pipe for drinking water supply, telescopic diameter DN700/500 between the cities of Beyakh and the RR1 of Rufisque : ductile iron pipe DN700/500 (17,000 m), associated hydraulic equipment, civil engineering works (valve chambers, manholes)
    - SADE : supply and laying of ductile iron pipes DN 600/800 between Tassette well field and Thiès reservoirs (lot 1) : PVC networks (21 km), reinforced concrete manholes (1,030 u), house connections (2,250 u), electromechanical equipment for pumping station
    - SADE : supply and laying of a ductile iron pipe DN1,100 to DN1,600 for drinking water supply between the PK 129 (downstream Mekhe) and the PK216 (pt K) in the Dakar area (lot 7) : ductile iron pipe DN 1,100, 1,200 and 1,600 mm (32,000 m), associated hydraulic equipment, civil engineering works (valve chambers, manholes)
    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE) : operation and maintenance contract of «Sendou 1» 125 MW power plant, based in Bargny

    - Eiffage Génie Civil (EIFFAGE) : port of Lomé yard works

    - Sogea Satom Ouganda (VINCI Construction International Network, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : contract for pipes to carry drinking water treated in the town of Katosi to the country's capital, Kampala. On completion of the project, the National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) will be able to send twice as much drinking water to the capital


  •  Iraq
    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE) : commissioning, start-up, maintenance on Siba plant for three years for Kuwait Energy Corporation
    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE) : drilling, completion and work-over supervision of West Qurna-2 (west of Basra) for a period of three years on behalf of Lukoil

    - OTV Liban (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES) : Greater Beirut Water Supply Project. Due to water scarcity in Beirut region, several plans were developed in order to make use of the available water resources from the Awali and Litani rivers. OTV Liban will provide access to drinking water quality and secure supply for a population of more than 1 million, on behalf of the Beirut & Mount Lebanon Water Establishment

    - Bouygues Travaux Publics (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION) / UrbaCon Trading & Contracting : construction of sewage tunnels (MTS03) at Doha
    - NGE Contracting (NGE) : earthworks at Ras Laffan for Qatar Petroleum
    - NGE Contracting (NGE) : earthworks and contract to construct roads and main services at Doha

    Saudi Arabia
    - Eiffage Métal (EIFFAGE) : canopies for Riyadh metro

    United Arab Emirates
    - VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES / Butec : design, construction and 10 years operation and maintenance of a sewage treatment plant on Deira Islands, serving a new 15.3 square kilometre waterfront city currently under construction. Nakheel is the property developer. The sewage treatment plant will have the capacity to process 36,000 m3 of wastewater per day using membrane bioreactor technology (MBR), which combines advanced filtration with a biological process


  • Australia
    - Australia DBI (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES) : doubling the output of the water treatment plant at the largest hard rock lithium mine in the world, satisfying all environmental requirements regarding discharge water. The Talison lithium mine is a leading producer of lithium in western Australia. The lithium is used in batteries for consumer electronics, electric bicycles, buses and cars. It is also used in aerospace alloys, wind turbines, glass and ceramics
    - Bachy Soletanche Australia (Soletanche Bachy, Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : major pile works along the section between Woolgoolga and Ballina of the Pacific Highway. No fewer than 1,100 piles will be bored or driven for the 38 single and 37 twin bridges included in the project. The Australian and New South Wales governments are upgrading the artery in a project set for completion in 2020. The 1,025 km Pacific Highway runs along the Pacific coast between Sydney and Brisbane
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : 5 solars farms, 3 for Neon (Parkes Solar Farm, Griffith Solar Farm, Dubbo Solar Farm) and 2 for Edify Energy (Whitsunday Solar Farm et Hamilton Solar Farm)
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION, in a consortium : construction of 9-kilometre twin tunnels and five underground metro stations in Melbourne, as well as development of parks and pedestrian and shopping zones in the public spaces around these stations. The tunnels and stations package will create more than 5,000 jobs
    - Rob Carr (Seymour Whyte, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : subcontract work to deliver realignment of the South Yarra sewer near the Domain Interchange (Victoria state), as part of the Metro Tunnel Early Works : excavation of a new 2 m diameter tunnel 20 m under busy St Kilda Road and live tram tracks ; excavation of two access shafts at Domain Road and another two in Albert Road ; excavation of a 163 m tunnel from Albert Road to Domain Road. Works also include hand tunnels between the shafts, live tie-ins to the existing brick sewer, installation of GRP MH connectors, backfilling of the shafts and grouting of the old brick pipeline
    - Rob Carr (Seymour Whyte, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : construction of gravity sewers for reticulation area, Halls Head 59A (stage 1 and 2) to connect almost 300 residential lots to the central wastewater system in Falcon (Western Australia state) : construction of 1.97 km of 150 dia and 225 dia gravity sewers, 407 m of pressure mains, pump station and a treated effluent water pipe (Stage 2)
    - Seymour Whyte (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : contract to design and construct the upgrade of the existing Chandler highway between Alphington and Kew (Victoria state), and a new bridge over the Yarra River. Key features of the project include the upgrade of the intersection at Heidelberg Road, six new lanes for the highway, a new bridge to the west of the existing Chandler highway bridge, and improvements to cycle and pedestrian paths
    - Seymour Whyte (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : the contract comprises bulk earthworks and civil works, following Seymour Whyte's current early work contract for the 35 km greenfield section between Glenugie and Tyndale as part of the Pacific Highway upgrade project in New South Wales. The bridges contract, which is in the same area, includes 20 units, of which the largest is a 19-span twin bridge over the Coldstream River
    - Seymour Whyte (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : redesign and construction of key intersections between the Eastern Freeway and Vere Street, as well as bus lane and shared user path upgrades in Abbotsford (Victoria state). The redesign will make journey times more reliable with increased capacity for vehicles to enter the freeway from Hoddle Street in the form of an extra traffic lane, and improve traffic flow at the Johnston Street intersection by relocating all right-turn movements away from the intersection with signalled P-turn median openings
    - Seymour Whyte (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : Pacific Motorway upgrade between Mudgeeraba and Varsity Lakes (Queensland state), including the widening of a 5.7-km section of the motorway to three lanes in each direction southbound and a fourth lane northbound, the extension of entry and exit ramps to meet current design standards, the bridges' reconstruction on the northbound side to better withstand flood events, the removal of the right turn movement from The Link Way off-ramp to improve safety and the construction of a new bridge
    - SPIECAPAG (Entrepose, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : installation of a gas pipeline of 142 km in 12» for the client Jemena Limited

    - Entrepose PT IKL (Entrepose Contracting, Entrepose, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : engineering, procurement and construction supervision of a 10,000 BPD condensate refinery including fractionation unit, NHT, CRU, jet fuel production for Partex
    - Entrepose PT IKL (Entrepose Contracting, Entrepose, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : phase 2 of engineering, procurement and construction supervision of a 4,000 BPD condensate refinery including NHT and CRU treatment on behalf of SGFL, subsidiary of Petrobangla
    - GEOCAN (Entrepose, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : EPC contract for the installation of a new FSRU (floating storage and regasification units) for the client Excelerate
    - GEOCAN (Entrepose, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : installation of a new FSRU (floating storage and regasification units) for Summit

    - VINCI Construction Grands Projets (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : Chamcar Mon, design and build project for the renovation of the Chamcar Mon water treatment plant, which will increase production from 20,000 to 52,000 m3 of drinking water per day

    China / Hong Kong
    - SADE : drinking water supply, LingKong Road in Shanghai : steel pipes DN 500 and 300 mm (1,140 m), ductile iron pipes DN 500 to 150 mm (10,042 m)
    - SADE : drinking water supply, Ji Yang Road in Shanghai (West Hua Xia Road - Minhang District Dividing Line) : steel pipes DN 300 to 1,600 mm (160 m), ductile iron pipes DN 150 to 1,600 mm (4,562 m), HDPE pipes DN 315 and 800 mm (200 m)
    - SADE : drinking water supply, HuNan Road in Shanghai : ductile iron pipes DN 150 to 1,200 mm (10,186 m), PE pipes DN 1,000 and 800 mm (1,631 m)
    - SADE : drinking water supply, HuNan Road in Shanghai : ductile iron pipes DN 150 to 1,200 mm (5,493 m), PE pipes DN 1,000 and 800 mm (649 m)

    - COLAS RAIL (COLAS) : laying of track and third rail for the Jakarta Light Rail Line

    - Bachy Soletanche Group Construction Malaysia (Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : construction of the diaphragm walls (1.2 and 1.5 m thick diaphragm walls up to 60 m deep) for two underground stations, Sentul West, and KLCC East as part of the SSP Line (Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya), which is the second line of the KVMRT Project to be developed in Kuala Lumpur
    - Bachy Soletanche Group Construction Malaysia (Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : construction of the foundations and the lower slab of the future shopping centre and a hotel, as well as a Reinforced Earth® access ramp on behalf of Lendlease, as part of the TRX Programme. The Exchange programme consists in building a 450 metre high-rise, several smaller towers and a high-end shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur

    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : 1st project : Yoma Central, construction of a multi-purpose complex with four towers which include a luxury residential condominium of 96 apartments, a business hotel featuring 281 rooms and 90 service-apartments and two up-market office towers. The buildings are complemented by a commercial area as well as five levels of car-parking facilities. Total surface area will be around 265,000 sqm ; 2nd project : Peninsula Yangon, the old headquarters of the national railway company which will be transformed into a five-star hotel with 88 rooms

    New Zealand
    - HEB Construction (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : creation of a new connection between the Northern Motorway (State Highway 1) and State Highway 18, to improve travel times. It will also create better transport choices through 7 km of new walking and cycling paths and by extending the northern busway to Albany bus station
    - HEB Construction (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : Mt Messenger 5.2-km bypass on State Highway 3 (SH3). This project includes additional work at the southern end creating about 6 km of improvements and runs east to the existing highway. It includes a bridge about 110 m long and an estimated 230 m long tunnel under the ridgeline south-east of Mt Messenger
    - HEB Construction (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : permanent repairs to road and rail infrastructure around Kaikoura, as part of the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR) Alliance, following the devastating earthquake in November 2016. The alliance has mostly repaired State Highway 1 and the rail line to the north and south of Kaikoura. The scope included some works on the alternative route through SH7
    - HEB Construction (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : development of the Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub (stage 1), situated beside the Canterbury Agricultural Park near Wigram : access ways, car parks, underground services, coordination and management of the construction of all the playing surfaces. The Nga Puna Wai Sport Hub will combine facilities for a number of sporting disciplines à including an athletics track, hockey turfs, outdoor tennis courts and sports fields, on a 32-hectare site. The first stage of the project includes the athletics track up and running, hockey turfs, tennis courts, rugby league fields, community playing fields and additional facilities
    - HEB Construction (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : design and construction of a 135 m long extension to the 300 m long existing multipurpose wharf (container n°2) at Port Chalmers. The wharf will provide berthing, mooring and servicing facilities for container vessels up to nearly 150,000 tons displacement, 8,000 TEU capacity

    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : Ayala Triangle Gardens project in the city of Makati
    - Bouygues Travaux Publics (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION) / Alstom Transport : extension of Metro Manila line 1, which was commissioned in 1984 and serves the city along a north-south axis. Line 1 will be extended along Manila Bay towards the south in the direction of Cavite. The current 20-km long line 1, with 20 stations, will be extended by 12 km of overhead lines. The project also includes the construction of 8 stations. This new extension is aimed at decongesting the city and transporting 800,000 travellers a day

    - Bachy Soletanche Singapore Pte Ltd (Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : diaphragm wall works on land previously reclaimed from the sea in the Bay East Garden area as part of the Thomson-East Coast Line projects. Over a period of seven months, the company built 600 metres of diaphragm walls and installed 16 temporary foundation piles to prepare construction of an ancillary building and a tunnel
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : Woodleigh Lane Residences development in Singapour, a new innovative modular construction project. Located in the heart of District 13, in central Singapore, it will consist of six 15-storey buildings with a total of 805 apartments, as well as underground car parks and a swimming pool. The complex offers a total of 58,641 sqm of floor area
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : Bideford Road project located in a prime location 200 metres from Singapore's iconic avenue à Orchard Road. This mixed development is composed of two levels of car park, five levels of commercial podium and 12 levels of high-end service apartments accommodating 168 units
    - Dragages Singapore (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION) : design-build contract for the new integrated development «Golden Shoe Car Park». Reaching a height of 280 metres, the complex will be one of the tallest buildings in the city's central business district. The 51-storey iconic building will provide a total surface area of 93,351 sqm, which will feature 29 floors of premium Grade A office space, a 299-unit serviced residences operated by The Ascott Limited, restaurants, retail outlets and five levels of car parking

    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE) : contract renewable of the offshore operation and maintenance for three years on behalf of Mubadala Petroleum Thailand Limited

    - SADE : modernisation and reconstruction of Samarkand waste water treatment plant : excavation (5869 m3) ; pipes : replacement of all pipes and accessories (pressure pipes and gravitary pipes, 4,972 m) ; civil engineering works and others : rehabilitation of the biological treatment lines fences with prestressed reinforced concrete panels (2,259 m, height : 2.2m)

    - COLAS RAIL (COLAS) : construction of Hanoi Light Rail Line 3
    - VINCI Construction Grands Projets (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) / Bessac (Soletanche Bachy, Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : design-build contract for the realization of a Ø2400 mm treated water transfer line over 10 km from the end of an existing pipeline to downtown Ho Chi Minh City, using a trenchless technique (pipe-jacking or tunneling machine). Financed by the Asian Development Bank and by the owner SAWACO (SAigon WAter COrporation), the project primarily covers detailed project design, excavation by 2 TBMs, lining of the pipeline and construction of 16 shafts and 11 connections


  • Canada
    - BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION : Facility Management of the new Niagara Falls Entertainment Center
    - Carmacks (EUROVIA) : Alberta Highway 19 widening project from 2 to 6 lanes of a 2.2 km section between the Nisku overpass and Alberta Highway 2 next to Edmonton International Airport. The works are scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2018
    - Eurovia BC (EUROVIA) : construction of pathways for the Willingdon Linear Park, in Burnaby, British Columbia. The work includes milling of existing asphalt, asphalt replacement, construction of a new multi-user pathway, landscaping, retaining walls and custom features for the creation of plaza spaces
    - Eurovia Québec (EUROVIA) : reconstruction of bridges at Île Bigras and Île Verte in Laval. The works are divided into three phases : construction of temporary bridges, deconstruction of the existing bridges, and construction of new permanent bridges. They will be handed over in the autumn of 2018
    - ICCI (EIFFAGE) : upgrading of Burlington Skyway bridge
    - ICCI (EIFFAGE) : upgrading of nine McLeod road bridges
    - ICCI (EIFFAGE) : Parsnip River bridge
    - Plan Group (Bouygues Energies & Services, BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION) : electrical & Information Communication and Automated Technology (ICAT) subcontract work for the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital project à Canada's first «smart» hospital. There will be approximately 90 per cent single occupancy acute-care patient rooms for infection prevention and control, and integrated «smart» digital technology systems that will deliver the right information to the right care location at the right time à all aimed to enhance the patient care experience
    - SADE : construction works for sewerage, water supply, roads, cycle tracks, traffic signals and street lights in Rachel Street, between Parthenais and Hogan streets for the City of Montreal : ductile iron DN 300 and rehabilitation of 1,600 m of ovoid sewer 600x901
    - STANDARD GENERAL CALGARY (COLAS) : construction and maintenance for 30 years of the southwest ring road in Calgary, Alberta
    - STANDARD GENERAL CALGARY (COLAS) : repaving of 17th Avenue SE and upgrading of bus rapid transit lanes in Calgary, Alberta
    - WAPITI GRAVEL SUPPLIERS (COLAS) : widening and repaving of a section between Muskeg Cabins and Grande Cache on Highway 40, in Alberta

    United States
    - Atlantic Coast Asphalt (Hubbard Construction, EUROVIA) : three-year contract to maintain the roads in Clay County, northern Florida. The works include planing, asphalt mix placement and roadmarking
    - Blythe Construction (EUROVIA) : North Carolina Highway 273 (NC 273) widening project in Belmont, for the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The project will widen the highway from two to four lanes. The work is scheduled for completion in March 2019
    - COLASKA (COLAS) : repaving of O'Malley Road on the Seward Highway section-Livingstone Street, Alaska
    - COLASKA (COLAS) : refurbishment of taxiway Y at Anchorage airport, Alaska
    - Freyssinet Inc. (Freyssinet, Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI Construction) : rehabilitation of two bridges as part of The Morehead and Emerald Isle Project in North Carolina. The Morehead City Bridge is 3,920ft long, the Emerald Isle Bridge is 4,613ft long and both will be provided with a full structural repair program. The expertise gained from former projects and the ability to offer a competitive turnkey solution were the key of success for these 2 projects
    - HRI (COLAS) : repaving of an 85-km section in Pennsylvania


  • Chile
    - Bitumix (EUROVIA) : contract to maintain motorway surfaces for the Abertis concession company in the Santiago Metropolitan Region (Metropolitana), which has an excellent road system that notably includes bypass motorways around the city
    - Bitumix (EUROVIA) : four-year road maintenance contract in the western section of the province of Conception, i.e. the municipalities of Talcahuano, Hualpén, San Pedro de la Paz, Concepción, Chiguayante, Hualqui, Penco and Tomé
    - Eiffage Energia Chile (EIFFAGE) : realization and maintenance over 30 years of the Huatacondo photovoltaic power station (98 MWp) in the Chilean Atacama desert for Austrian Solar Chile 4 SpA
    - ETF (EUROVIA), lead company / Colas Rail (COLAS) : seven-year maintenance contract for the metro system in Santiago de Chile. It covers preventive and corrective maintenance activities, «special corrective works» on rubber-tyred lines 1, 2 and 5 and rail lines 4 and 4A and comprehensive grinding of lines 4 and 4A
    - SMAC (COLAS) : roofing and facade work at Santiago de Chile airport

    - Puentes y Torones (EIFFAGE) : construction of Pacifico II bridges

    Costa Rica

    - SADE : construction of sewerage network for north area, Cuencas Rivera y Torres as part of the Environmental Improvement Project of San José Metropolitan Area, Quebrada Jésus, Quebrada Manzana and Deviations : supply and laying of wastewater collectors including 2,700 m using microtunneling machine and 3,672 m in open trench

    - NGE Contracting (NGE) / TSO (NGE), as part of the ACTN consortium : civil and railway works for the Cuenca tramway including the resumption of civil engineering works, ticketing, road signalling, station furniture and the construction of a depot for the trains' maintenance
    - SADE : design and construction of a complete system of drinking water supply in San Marcos including wastewater collection with water intake, pumping stations, connections and waste water treatment

    - Cimesa (Soletanche Bachy, Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : tunnel earthworks for the seven underground levels of a new high-rise building, the Be Grand Reforma, on the famous Paseo de la Reforma in the heart of Mexico City. The company is responsible for the foundations of this 40-storey mixed-use building. The foundations, consisting of barrettes and foundation piles anchored at a depth of 70 metres, will be the deepest ever built in Mexico City
    - Cimesa (Soletanche Bachy, Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : turnkey excavation, foundation, earthworks and underground civil works for two towers of the new Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco property project in Mexico City's central Nuevo Polanco neighbourhood. The project comprises five residential towers and 100,000 sqm of office space
    - TSO (NGE) : maintenance of Mexico City metro, line 12
    - VWS Westgarth Ltd (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES) : fabrication of 11 skids for Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) on behalf of BP for the supply of a seawater injection system on the semi-submersible platform Mad Dog 2, as part of the project expansion, located 190 miles offshore of New Orleans

    - Entrepose (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) : contract awarded for two sealines and a CBM (conventional buoy mooring) for the client Repsol
    - SADE : Lima metro line 2, displacement of water supply and sewerage networks for the stations E7-E8-E9-E10-E11 and of the well PV8 : drinking water (3 km of HDPE DN110 to 250), wastewater (2.4 km of HDPE DN63 to 1,000, 2 km of PVC DN200 to 350)

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