- Antwerpse Bouwwerken (EIFFAGE): The new car park, located in Antwerp, has 7 floors and will accommodate 1.700 parking spaces and 440 bicycle spaces. Park & Ride Luchtbal is part of a comprehensive plan to encourage road users to travel to Antwerp by public transport, carpooling and shared bikes
    - Antwerpse Bouwwerken (EIFFAGE, 50 %) and Vuylsteke Eiffage (EIFFAGE, 50 %): Construction of the free technical institute VTI Bruges and the extension of the Prizma Middenschool in Izegem
    - Duchêne (EIFFAGE): Construction of a tramway line of about 12 kilometres linking Sclessin to the working-class district of Coronmeuse, passing through the historic centre of Liège. This line will serve 21 stations, 90% of which will be exclusive right-of-way and will be connected to a car park with more than 900 spaces
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE): Transition piece, Seamade offshore wind farm

    - VWT Krüger DK (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): Contract based on a joint venture with Cybarco for the construction of a municipal wastewater treatment plant, including aerobic biological treatment process, clarification technology and membrane separation units. The project is expected to treat an average daily flow of 13,000 m3 municipal wastewater, and an additional 10 years of operation contract is included after the completion of the plant

    Czech Republic
    - Colas CZ / Colas Projects (COLAS): Construction of road infrastructure for the Future Mobility Development Center for BMW, in Sokolov 
    - Colas CZ (COLAS): Construction of a section of the D3 motorway in South Bohemia 
    - EUROVIA / Strabag Rail / Elektrizace Zeleznic Praha: contract to renovate an 8.7 - kilometre rail line connecting the train station in the district of Smichov in Prague to the city of Cernosice, southwest of the Czech capital. This segment, which is located near a very busy rail line, is part of the third rail transit corridor in the Czech Republic
    - EUROVIA / Elektrizace Zeleznic Praha: contract to renovate a 6-kilometre rail segment located between Lysa nad Labem and Celakovice, northeast of Prague, that attracts 15,000 passengers a day, for the Czech Republic's rail-infrastructure authority. Works will continue until June 2022 
    - Eurovia CS (EUROVIA): Following renovations to four segments of D1 (carried out from 2014 to 2017), Eurovia CS continues its works on this major carriageway between Mirosovice and Hvezdonice in the country's Central Bohemian Region, southeast of Prague. Works began in 2019 and will be completed in 2021 
    - Prumstav (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Renovation and extension work on the Marriott hotel with transformation of the adjacent building into a 136-room hotel on 5 levels, renovation of the 780m² kitchen unit and the 1,900m² restaurant-lounges section. The contract also includes the creation of new equipped technical rooms 
    - SMP CZ (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) / Strabag / Msilnice: Construction of the Opatovice-Casy section of the D35 motorway. SMP is carrying out construction work on a 1.062m viaduct crossing the Elbe 
    - SMP CZ, 50% (VINCI CONSTRUCTION) / Metrostav, 50%: Extension works of the Prague airport water treatment plant including equipment, with extension of the retention tank for water contaminated by hydrocarbons to receive up to 5.8 m3/s

    - TREV-2 Grupp (EUROVIA): Five-year contract to maintain national roadways in the county of Jogeva, located in central Estonia. The contract, which applies to 1.139 kilometres of roadway and 54 bridges, came into effect on October 1st, 2019 and will end on September 30, 2024. It covers winter maintenance and infrastructure maintenance and repair

    - Eiffage Infra-Lärmschutz (EIFFAGE): Oldenburg railway works, Wilhemshafen (3 contracts) 
    - Eiffage Infra-Rail (EIFFAGE): Railroad track repair, Duisbourg 
    - Eiffage Infra-Rail (EIFFAGE): Oldenburg railway works, Wilhelmshaven (3 contracts) 
    - EIH (EIFFAGE): Salus Clinic in Bad Nauheim 
    - EIH (EIFFAGE): Programme of housing, shops and activities, Grosse Bleiche, Mayence 
    - Eurovia Allemagne (EUROVIA): contract to rehabilitate motorway A44, which links the Belgian border with the State of Hesse, notably through Düsseldorf, at the junction with motorway A7 (the country's main north-south transport route) in Kassel. Works, which began in April 2019, should be completed in November 2020. They include the demolition of the existing roadway and its reconstruction as well as installation of safety barriers and implementation of road markings 
    - SHE (EIFFAGE): Magdeburg bridge 
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE): Construction of 15 km 380 kV overhead line, EmdenàConneforde
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE): New replacement construction of 15 km 380 kV overhead line (Lot 4206)
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE): Expansion of five 380 kV and 13.220 kV switchboard section inclusive planning and civil works for switchboard Lubmin 
    - SPIE SAG GmbH (SPIE): TechFM services which includes maintenance, inspection and operation at the biggest truck manufacturing site of the world on 922.000m² 
    - TECO (EUROVIA): Contract to build noise-attenuation barriers in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, next to the railway line connecting the city of Bremen and the port of Bremerhaven. Works were carried out from January to May 2020. Six transparent noise-attenuation walls, totalling 4.578 metres in length, were installed 
    - Wittfeld (EIFFAGE): Oldenburg railway works, Wilhelmshafen (3 contracts) 
    - Wittfeld (EIFFAGE): Sewerage network, Gelsenkirchen (2 contracts) 
    - Wittfeld (EIFFAGE): Oberhausen-Emmerich railway works
    - Wittfeld (EIFFAGE): Railway works, Werne 
    - Wittfeld (EIFFAGE): Rainwater treatment, Oberhausen 

    - Colas Hungaria (COLAS): Construction of a new section of the M4 expressway between Abony and Torokszentmiklos 
    - Colas Hungaria (COLAS): Construction of a parking lot for Mercedes-Benz, in Kecskemet 

    - Colas Rail Italia (COLAS): Renovation of overhead catenaries on the Milan-Verona and Turin-Genoa railway lines

    - TREV-2 Grupp (EUROVIA): Renovation of an 11-kilometre segment of regional route P30, which connects the cities of Cesis, Vecpiebalga, and Madona. The call for tenders was issued by Latvijas Valsts celi (Latvia's national roads authority) 

    - Eurovia Lietuva (EUROVIA) / LNK Industries / Fima: Construction of a viaduct at Mazeikiai, Lithuania's eighth-largest city, located near the border with Latvia. Works begun in spring 2019 and should be completed in autumn 2020 

    - SADE: Construction of a wastewater treatment plant (5.420 EH) in Cantemir, in order to improve the urban sanitation system, including 4 pumping stations and 18 km of sewerage network 

    The Netherlands
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE): Transition piece, Borssele offshore windfarm
    - SPIE Nederland (SPIE): Field Services execution, maintenance and innovation management on nationwide fibreoptic network including network elements (5-year contract) 
    - SPIE Nederland (SPIE): Design, realization of fibre optic network outside areas of Limburg North East (2.800 connections) 
    - SPIE Nederland (SPIE): Works on CFE380 Filter station. New construction of the satellite station Compensation and Filter station Eemshaven 
    - SPIE Nederland (SPIE): Extension Frame Agreement 2019-2020 (Mobile network modernization and wireless indoor solutions) 
    - SPIE Nederland (SPIE): Design, realization of fibre optic network in the Gennep area 
    - SPIE Nederland (SPIE): Upgrading and expansion MECC (Maastricht Exhibition & Conference Centre) in Maastricht, mechanical installations 

    - Colas Rail Polska (COLAS): Renovation of a section of the E59 rail line between Slonice and Choszczno 
    - Colas Rail Polska (COLAS): Modernization of the Poznan station 
    - Eiffage Polska Budownictwo (EIFFAGE): Construction of the Belmonte 5* Resort & Spa hotel offering 254 rooms in Krynica Zdroj, including investment apartments and premium apartments 
    - Eiffage Polska Budownictwo (EIFFAGE): Construction of a 12-storey office building in Katowice with shops and services on behalf of DL Invest 
    - Eiffage Immobilier Polska (EIFFAGE): Real estate program named «Stalowa 27» in Warsaw of 56 flats and 4 duplex penthouses 
    - EUROVIA: Renovation of the Wladyslaw Szafer, one of the major streets in Szczecin, Poland's seventh-largest city with a population exceeding 400,000 inhabitants and the West Pomeranian Voivodeship's third-largest seaport located in the northern part of the country. Wladyslaw Szafer extends from Arkonska, a street that Eurovia also fully renovated in 2018 
    - Eurovia Polska (EUROVIA): Contract to expand one of the Bielsko-Biala's (a city in the Silesian Voivodeship) major streets, Cieszynska. This 20-month project will result in fewer traffic bottlenecks, a problem that has plagued this major roadway and inconvenienced local residents for the past several years. This project is the city's largest investment in its history with respect to urban development
    - Eurovia Polska (EUROVIA): Contract to build a bypass at Podleze, a village located in Krakow's urban cluster, through which 20,000 vehicles %u2014 including numerous lorries %u2014 travel on a daily basis 
    - Eurovia Polska (EUROVIA): Contract to develop the coach station at Czeladz, a city located in southern Poland's Silesian Highlands with a population of about 35.000. This mobility-enhancing project will endow the city with new transport outlooks thanks to three new passenger interchanges and 16 kilometres of bicycle paths and footways. The project is scheduled for completion in autumn 2020 
    - Eurovia Polska (EUROVIA): Project to rebuild an 8.5-kilometre section of national route 77 located between Wolka Pelkinska and Gorzyce in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, which has experienced strong growth in recent years. Works, begun in May 2019, should be completed in late 2020 
    - Spie Elbud Gdansk S.A. (SPIE): Construction of 28 km 110 kV line and 29 km 30 kV line for windpark Udanin with total 50.6 MW 
    - Warbud (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Construction of the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art. This project, with a total area of 19.368m², consists of a building of 4 levels (+2 in the basement) which is 25m high with white concrete facades 
    - Warbud (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Modernization of the Lublin Pediatric University Hospital. The contract covers the extension and reconstruction of several buildings as well as the development of the entire hospital complex. Ultimately, the project will cover a total area of 33.865m² accommodating 412 beds. The implementation takes place in the operating hospital, allowing the delivery of medical services

    - Entrepose Contracting (JV ENTREPOSE CONTRACTING / VINCI CONSTRUCTION GRANDS PROJETS): EPC contract (Engineering, procurement and construction) for the construction of two 160.000 m3 cryogenic tanks in Sabetta on the Yamal Peninsula 

    - Eiffage Energie (EIFFAGE): Participation in the construction of 6 wind farms comprising 2 substations, 2 high-voltage overhead lines with a total length of 30 km and 1 medium-voltage overhead line with a length of 7.5 km à WTG (Wind Turbine Generator): 63 units of 3.83 MW each and a total capacity of 241 MW on behalf of Repsol
    - Eiffage Energia (EIFFAGE): Participation in the extension of the existing shopping centre by integrating an adjoining parcel of 123.884 square metres. This extension will result in a gross leasable area of more than 36.170 square metres, 67 retail premises and 3.360 parking spaces spread over two floors on behalf of Unibail-Rodamco-Wesfield 
    - Eiffage Energie (EIFFAGE): Construction of a solar power plant with a total power of 100 MW for Arañuelo I and II, 50 MW each, on an area of 210 hectares, with 259.680 modules on behalf of Iberdrola 
    - Eiffage Infraestructuras (EIFFAGE): Road development 
    - Obras Levante (EUROVIA): Contract to build nearly 10 kilometres of the Murcia Northwest Arch, an orbital motorway being built between Archena and Alcantarilla, which will allow traffic to bypass the city of Murcia to the northwest. The project includes six standard engineering structures. Works began in July 2020 and should be completed a little more than two and a half years later 

    - VWT VA Ing. (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): New green field wastewater treatment plant expected for mid-2021 with an average flow of 5.000 m3/d under construction for project phase 2. The process is based on pre-treatment, biological nitrogen removal with AnoxKaldnes MBBR, chemical phosphorus removal and a final polishing option with Hydrotech disc filters. The plant will also treat industrial wastewater from the fish industry with the Idraflot flotation unit

    - Bouygues Bâtiment France-Europe (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Construction of 3 of the 8 buildings in an eco-district comprising 490 accommodations, 6.600 m² of offices and 3.800 m² of shops. The project has been awarded the "Site 2000 Watts" Label 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment France-Europe (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Construction of two buildings (including an 8-floor tower) with 89 flats, a hotel, a car park, commercial and office spaces with a surface area of 19.500 m² and 1.000 m² of photovoltaic panels on the roof 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment France-Europe (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Care centre and residence for seniors including 50 places for the care centre and 80 accommodations for seniors 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment France-Europe (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): 5 storeys building with 145 beds 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment France-Europe (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Creation of an eco-district in Morges (near the Lake Geneva) comprising a residential complex of 450 housing units of a surface area of 35.900 m² with several green spaces around the accommodations 
    - Colas Suisse (COLAS): Extension of the Geneva tram line 
    - Eiffage Suisse (EIFFAGE): Construction of the Tivoli Garden mixed complex of 400 housing units, shops and services in Spreitenbach 
    - Eiffage Suisse (EIFFAGE): Construction of the Gartenhof, an accommodation and care centre closed to an intergenerational housing in Winterthur-Wülflingen 
    - Eiffage Suisse (EIFFAGE): Construction of the Riedthofstrasse building complex with 130 apartments in Regensdorf 
    - VINCI ENVIRONNEMENT: Construction of a new waste-to-energy facility. The contract covers the installation of a combined furnace-boiler unit and the flue gas treatment from two incineration lines with a capacity of 10 t/h. More environmentally friendly, this plant will, in addition, enable 160.000 t/year of waste to be processed, thanks to more efficient source separation. Handover is scheduled for 2025 

    United Kingdom
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International / Bouygues Energies & Services (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Deconstruction, design-build and maintenance of a student residence on the Moulsecoomb campus comprising 5 buildings (including one of 18 floors) for a surface area of 27.000 m² 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Realization of a real estate complex in Canterbury. Multi-product project with 50.000 m² of shops, 189 accomodations, a cinema and several restaurants 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Construction of the new town hall in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and renovation of the main heritage-listed building. Demolition of recent extensions to build a new 7-floor building with a surface of 26.700 m² of office space 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Design-build of a residential program "Luton Street" in London comprising 109 private residences, 62 other accommodations, public facilities and the first section of the pedestrian street "Green Spine" 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Construction of the new business school on the University of Bath campus including 8 amphitheatres, a 250-seat auditorium and a research laboratory for entrepreneurship
    - Bouygues Energies & Services (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Facility Management Contract 
    - Bouygues Energies & Services (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Facility Management Contract 
    - Colas Rail Ltd. (COLAS): Work on railway tracks in the South of England, as part of an Alliance contract (South Rail Systems Alliance) with Network Rail and AECOM. Control period 6 (2019-2024) 
    - Colas Rail Ltd. (COLAS): Multi-year rail grinding contract with Network Rail 
    - Colas Rail Ltd. (COLAS): 5-year rail freight contract with Network Rail
    - Colas Rail Ltd. (COLAS): Work on S&C (switches and crossings) for Network Rail
    - Colas Rail Ltd. (COLAS): Extension of the Birmingham tram line for Midland Metro Alliance 
    - Eurovia Contracting (EUROVIA): Highways England has selected Eurovia Contracting as part of its Construction Works Framework in the East Region (the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Peterborough, Essex, Hertfordshire, Central Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Milton Keynes). Eurovia is one of two companies taking part in works lot number 5 (including civil engineering, sanitation, and geotechnical operations) for a period of 4 years 
    - Eurovia Contracting South (EUROVIA): Appointed onto the London Luton Airport civil works and maintenance framework, thereby extending its presence in the airport sector. Behind Heathrow, London Luton Airport (LLA) ranks as the fourth-largest airport in Greater London with 16.8 million passengers a year, which represents a 5% increase since 2017 
    - Freyssinet (SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION): In the south-west of England, the Hinkley Point nuclear power station is expanding with the construction of two new EPR (Evolutionary Power Reactor) units. Freyssinet, as a joint venture, has been awarded the subcontract for the supply and installation of 4.600 tons of post-tensioning in the internal containment wall of the reactor building. On this worksite, the complexity of the concrete reinforcement on an EPR is such that full-scale models of the post-tensioned walls must be erected on site to adapt the construction procedure. This will be followed by the installation of cables from 2022 onwards 
    - Ringway (EUROVIA): Highways England appointed Ringway as its contractor for the new Maintenance and Response contract in the East Region (formerly Areas 6 and 8). This is a 15-year contract commencing on October 1st, 2019. The East Region includes the strategic routes in the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Peterborough, Essex, Hertfordshire, Central Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Milton Keynes 
    - Ringway (EUROVIA): Seven-year contract (which may be extended one year at a time for a period of four years until 2030) that marked the company's return to Gloucestershire, where it provided services from 1995 to 2006 
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE): Jackets foundation and metal elements for the Moray East offshore wind farm (3 contracts) 
    - Smulders (EIFFAGE): Metal components for the Triton Knoll wind farm (2 contracts)
    - TSO (NGE) / Balfour Beatty / Atkins / NetworkRail: Track upgrading, switches and crossings replacement and signalling work (10-year contract) 
    - VINCI Construction UK: Design and Construct 1182 bed Student Accommodation for Exeter University 
    - VINCI Construction UK: Construction of a part private and part NHS specialist care treatment centre in Birmingham 
    - VINCI Construction UK: Redevelopment works and refurbishment of York Guildhall 
    - VINCI Construction UK: Design & Construct a high-quality learning space for Staffordshire University 
    - VINCI Construction Grands Projets, 20.00 % / VINCI Construction UK, 20.00 % / Balfour Beaty, 60.00%: M4 Smart Motorways, a design and build project which involves converting the M4 between junctions 3 and 12 (51 km) into smart motorway by using the hard shoulder 


  • Angola
    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE): General maintenance contract services on 3/05 block located in the Congo Basin for 27 months 

    - Colas Bénin (COLAS): Redesign and refurbishment of Boulevard de la Marina in Cotonou 
    - Franzetti Bénin (SADE): For the modernisation of Cotonou International Airport, Franzetti Bénin is building the new 800 m² reception hall and its outdoor canopy, together with the finishing works, the electricity and the air conditioning system 
    - Sogea Satom (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Reinforcement and rehabilitation works of the Dassa-Savé-Parakou road (210 km) on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Works. This section is located on the RNIE2, the most important road axis in the country which leads in particular to Burkina Faso and Niger 

    Burkina Faso
    - SADE: For the Phase 3 of the sewerage works of Ouagadougou, SADE laid 28 km of pipes (PVC Ø 150 to 250 mm) and constructed 622 manholes, 220 connection manholes and 3 lifting stations 
    - Sogea Satom (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Improvement works on the South-East bypass of Boulevard de Tansoba in Ouagadougou for the Ministry of Infrastructure. The project notably includes the works of two 7 m wide carriageways (including two 3.5 m cycle lanes), the construction of 2.5 m wide sidewalks and two pedestrian bridges as well as the construction of a 13 km culvert

    - RAZEL BEC / SOGEA SATOM / SGE-C Congo: Drinking water supply in Brazaville, extension works in peripheral areas and reinforcement of the drinking water service 
    - RAZEL BEC: Construction of roads in Pointe Noire and Brazaville 

    - TSO (NGE) / ORASCOM: Upgrading of the Banha-Port Said rail link including the replacement of 40-km stretch of track with 100 switches and crossings 
    - Veolia Hydrotech (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): 18 months EP (Energy production) technology distribution contract to supply a record of 120 discfilter units and Veolia Hydrotech filtration technology for a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The process includes the filtration of effluent polishing complemented by aquaculture drainage water for 4 main lines with a total capacity of 211.355 m3/h (52.839 m3/h each)

    Ivory Coast
    - Franzetti CI (SADE): For the drinking water supply works for the city of Bouaké, Franzetti CI is in charge of the supply and laying of raw water and treated water pipes. 49.300 m of GRP Ø 1200 pipes will be installed for the transfer of raw water and 14.900 m of Ø 1000 for treated water transport 
    - Franzetti CI (SADE): Construction of a water tower of 5000 m3 at 30 m in Abobo. Franzetti CI is in charge of civil engineering works, of the installation of the hydraulic equipment, of the ancillary installations, of the laying of the discharge pipe as well as of the installation of the telegestion and automatism equipment
    - Franzetti CI (SADE): Works of rainwater collection and sedimentology. This contract is for the connection of three sectors to the wastewater collection network for the Development Programme of Integrated Management of the Versant Gourou Basin in the district of Abidjan 
    - Franzetti CI (SADE): Widening of the canal of the rue Ministre in the city of Cocody including clearing the rights-of-way, repairing roads, canals, gutters and scuppers. Franzetti CI will build 3 main canals of 3.50 m x 2.0 m (345 m), 5.60 m x 2.0 m (1366 m) and 6.40 m x 2.0 m (726 m) and a culvert on Boulevard Mitterrand measuring 2.50 m x 2.50 m along 100 m 
    - Franzetti CI (SADE): Construction works of 9 drinking water storage structures for the project of drinking water supply of the cities of Sinfra and Gagnoa and secondary centers 
    - Franzetti CI (SADE): Construction and equipment of a 2 000 m3 elevated water tank on Abengourou, of a 500 m3 elevated water tank in Ettienkro and of a 100 m3 elevated water tank in Kodjinan 
    - NGE CONTRACTING (NGE) / GCC: Construction of the first International Counter-Terrorism Academy (ICTA). The purpose of this new academy is to build a world-class centre of excellence that will lead to closer international cooperation (between governments, legal processes, etc.) and improve intervention capabilities 
    - RMT (EIFFAGE): HV, MV and LV high-current work on the Singrobo-Ahouaty 90 kv substation and 90 kv line and installation of a digital control-command protection system and a remote control system of the HV substation which will enable the installations to be monitored and controlled remotely on behalf of Ivoire Hydro Energy 
    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE): Major overall maintenance contract for two gas turbines at the Abidjan thermal power plant for 2 months for each 

    Mauritius Island
    - Colas Maurice (COLAS): Construction of the Victoria Urban Terminal, including shops, offices and a bus station, in Port-Louis 

    - CTHM (SADE): In the context of the improvement of the drinking water supply of the region of Guercif, CTHM is installing 19 km of pipes (ductile iron, Ø 600 and 800 mm), 55 suction systems, 47 discharge structures and 2 gate valves 
    - CTHM (SADE): Construction works of the North collector of Sidi GHANEM in Marrakech. The contract includes the construction of galleries of hydraulic section T 240 (450 m) and T 270 (2580 m), the installation of 450 m of HDPE pipes Ø 1000 mm, the digging of 33 access wells to the gallery then transformed in manholes, and the construction of 8 simple manholes on the circular pipe 
    - CTHM (SADE): In Rabat, rehabilitation of wastewater sewers with trenchless techniques. 4267 m of pipes with diameters up to 600 mm will be rehabilitated using the lining technique 
    - GENERALE ROUTIERE (NGE): Construction work to create the Nador bypass (earthworks, roadways, hydraulic engineering and road drainage) 
    - GENERALE ROUTIERE (NGE): Widening and strengthening works for a 60-km stretch of road in Ouarzazate province including preparatory earthworks for the project to widen the existing road, build hydraulic structures, lay the pavement and surfacing, and install road signage 
    - GENERALE ROUTIERE (NGE): Widening and strengthening works to a 36-km stretch of road in Guercif province including earthworks, wastewater drainage, construction of new crossroads and revision of junction layouts 
    - GTR (COLAS): Construction of the Tan-Tan expressway 
    - SADE: For the reinforcement of the drinking water supply of the city of Tanger, installation of almost 14 km of drinking water pipes (coated steel Ø 1200 mm), of 4 gate valves, of 31 discharge structures and 32 suction systems 
    - SADE: Lot 3 for civil engineering of the project of reinforcement of the drinking water supply of the city of Al Hoceima by sea water desalination. SADE will be in charge of the construction of a reservoir with a capacity of twice 1000 m3 and of a metering building as well as the installation of the hydraulic equipment for both structures 
    - Sogea Satom (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Construction of the Royal Mansour Hotel in Casablanca for the Company «Grands Hôtels à Devprom». The project includes full construction of a 22-floors high-rise hotel tower (36.800 m²) and 5 basement levels (11.200 m²) 

    - Sogea Satom (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Construction work of a taxiway at "Diori Hamani" airport in Niamey for the Ministry of National Defense. The works concern the extension and asphalting of the taxiway of the take-off and landing runway (09L / 27R) over 2 km as well as installation of the markup, painting of the necessary guide lines and markings, the connection to the power supply and sanitation works for surface water disposal 

    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE): Provision of Global Maintenance contract for EHRA FPSO located on OML 133 for 48 months 

    - Eiffage Génie Civil Marine (EIFFAGE): Maritime infrastructures of the BP gas terminal of the Ahmeyim Turtle field 
    - Eiffage Sénégal (EIFFAGE): Southern bridges (Matière) 
    - RMT (EIFFAGE): Electrification of 9 cities in Senegal, Medium Voltage/Low Voltage network on behalf of Société Sénégalaise d'Electricité 

    - Freyssinet Grands Projets (FREYSSINET, SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Refurbishment of the spillway of the Zambian Kariba dam until the end of 2023. It is suffering from an alkali-aggregate reaction that could block its spillway emergency gates. In order to rehabilitate the 950 m³ of weakened concrete and to replace the embedded steel parts of each of the six emergency gates in a dry environment, Freyssinet will work downstream from two gigantic 40 m high steel cofferdams 


  • Bahrain
    - VWT Sidem (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): Desalination municipal contract for the construction of two identical and independent production lines for a total capacity of 50 MiGD (227.000 m3/d). Phase 1 is due to be delivered in November 2020 while the complete plant is scheduled for June 2022. The project uses reverse osmosis technology and a Dual Media Pressure Filter (DMPF) combined with cartridge filters to allow a smaller footprint

    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE): Reliability Centered Maintenance Contract for offshore gas extraction platforms and onshore LNG plants for 24 months
    - SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE): Maintenance Operations & Execution Contract (MOEC) of Al Khalij petroleum field offshore for 26 months 

    Saudi Arabia
    - VWT Sidem (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): EP contract for the pre-treatment and post-treatment facilities of a 130 MIGD (600.000 m3/d) seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant to serve the Jeddah and Mecca municipal areas
    - VWT HPD (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): EP chemicals contract to supply HPD evaporation technologies to InoChem and deliver thermal concentration system that purifies calcium chloride in Ras Al Khair province. The facility is designed to process a feedstock of salt and limestone to produce 300.000 tons of soda ash and 300.000 tons of calcium chloride per year

    United Arab Emirates
    - VWT Sidem (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): Design, engineering and supply of a new desalination SWRO plant using reverse osmosis technology for a total capacity of 150 MIGD, divided into 3 phases of 50 MIGD each. The process includes marine works for seawater abstraction and brine rejection, remineralization by limestone and CO2 injection and a 24 hours potable water storage


  • Australia
    - Freyssinet (SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION): The West Gate Tunnel project in Melbourne involves the construction of four additional lanes on the existing West Gate Highway, a double tunnel under Yarraville and a new viaduct over the Maribyrnong River. Freyssinet has been commissioned to build 4 km of viaduct, including the design and construction of 216 precast piers incorporating more than 1.000 tons of prestressing bars and the erection of 90 simply supported spans, using a custom-designed launching gantry and a specific falsework system 
    - VINCI Construction International Network (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Bruce Highway upgrade, a design and construct project, South of Cairns in Australia, involves a 10.5 km duplication to create a 4-lane highway, 4.7 km railway line realignment and upgrade, construction of new service roads, cycleway, road and rail bridges as well as the upgrade of multiple at-grade rail crossings. The project is a joint venture between Seymour Whyte Constructions (42.25 %), John Holland Australia (42.25 %) and AECOM (15.5 %) 
    - VINCI Construction International Network (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Upper Yarra Dam Safety Upgrade project to ensure the continued integrity and stability of the dam wall, West of Melbourne. The construct only project involves installing a sand filter on the full length of the downstream side of the embankment crest to protect the clay core of the embankment from erosion and allow for the monitoring of any seepage through the embankment 
    - VINCI Construction International Network (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Design and construction of Melbourne Airport's Terminal 4 Express Link (Stage 1), a new elevated road connection from the Tullamarine Freeway to the Terminal 4 ground transport hub, including all associated civil, utilities, stormwater and ancillary works 

    China / Hong Kong
    - Bouygues Travaux Publics (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Design and build of a 3.4 km underwater road tunnel in Hong Kong and connection with the former Kai Tak airport to Cha Kwo Ling. Works comprise two ventilation shafts, electrical and mechanical engineering works and road works
    - Bouygues Travaux Publics (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Construction of a 2.8 km section of a twin-tube tunnel in Hong Kong for the connection with Yau Ma Tei to Ma Tau Kok. Works comprise two access tunnels and a ventilation shaft 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Construction of the headquarters of the Hong Kong airport authority including modular construction on an area of 23.000 m² 
    - Bouygues Travaux Publics (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Freshwater transfer tunnel in Hong Kong as part of the inter-reservoir transfer operation in Kowloon. 2.8 km of tunnel with 3 meters in diameter will be built 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Hotel resort with HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and energy installation in Macao 
    - G.P.S. (SADE): In Shanghai, laying 5 060 m of ductile iron pipes (Ø 150 to 1400 mm) and 740 m of steel pipes (Ø 500 and 1400 mm) for the Longdong Avenue extension programme (Roshan Road-Central Line) 
    - G.P.S. (SADE): As part of the project of construction of the LongDong pumping station and rehabilitation of Long Dong Avenue (Outer Ring Line-Volley Road) in Shanghai, laying of 9 260 m ductile iron pipes (Ø 150 to 1 600 mm) and 540 m of steel pipes (Ø 1 200 to 1 600 mm) 
    - G.P.S. (SADE): Laying of drinking water supply pipes on the JinXiu East Road (JinHuai Road-Gu Tang Road). These are 2630 m of steel pipes Ø 1000, 1600 and 1800 mm 

    - VWT HPD (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): EP contract to supply global lithium producer with cutting-edge chemical processing solutions and produce 10.000 tons per year of battery grade lithium hydroxide. The process relies on clarification, ion exchange purification, evaporation and crystallization. The delivery of HPD Evaporators and Crystallizers to the port of import is expected in June 2020

    New Zealand
    - VINCI Construction Grands Projets, 40.00 % / Soletanche Bachy International, 30 % / Downer, 30 %: Contract for the design and build of package 3 of the City Rail Link project in Auckland. The contract is for the design and build of 3.45 km of extension of a train line, including 3.2 km of tunnel, to link the existing Britomart station to the existing Mount Eden station. Along that line, three new stations will be built, two of which are underground. The tunnels will be made using an earth pressure tunnel boring machine with a diameter of 7.18 m 
    - VINCI Construction International Network (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Rebuild and extension of the Port of Napier 
    - VINCI Construction International Network (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Maintenance contract on 450 km of Auckland motorway network for a contract period of 9 years (1000 lane km, 3 tunnels, 160 bridges) 
    - VINCI Construction International Network (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Marlborough NOC 3 Maintenance Contract is the renewal of a 7-year road maintenance contract including the town of Blenheim street maintenance contract (640 km unsealed roads, 100 km of local roads and 260 km of state highway) 
    - VINCI Construction International Network (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Wastewater containment, settlement and discharge facility in the town centre of Queenstown. The project is being delivered on a standalone basis by HEB 
    - VINCI Construction International Network (VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Waiari Trunk Mains Part A is the contract for the development of the Water main pipeline of 9.5 km from a new treatment plant being constructed by HEB into Tauranga City. The project is being delivered on a standalone basis by HEB  

    - Bouygues Travaux Publics (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Extension of the 1st line from North to South including 6.6 km of tracks and 5 new stations. This should allow to transport 800.000 passengers per day 

    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Real estate development program 

    - Smulders (EIFFAGE): Transition parts, Yunlin wind farm (2 contracts) 

    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Design-build of a 264 m tower 


  • Canada
    - Bessac (SOLETANCHE BACHY, SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) / Pomerleau: Replacement of the river discharge pipe at the Annacis wastewater treatment plant in South of Vancouver. The project involves the construction of an 800 m long tunnel with an internal diameter of 4.20 m. The work also includes the construction of two 40 m deep shafts and a shaft in the river, with the installation of new diffusers 
    - Camarcks (EUROVIA): Maintenance contract for the Deerfoot Trail in Calgary, Alberta. The contract calls for the daily maintenance of this urban highway and includes works designed to improve winter visibility and maintain infrastructure (bridges, roads, drainage works), equipment (guardrails, road signs, lighting), and green spaces 
    - Carmacks (EUROVIA): Contract by Alberta Transportation to widen the southwestern segment of the city of Edmonton's ring road. Edmonton is Alberta's capital and Canada's fifth-largest city. The project should be completed in October 2022 
    - Entrepose Contracting (ENTREPOSE CONTRACTING, VINCI CONSTRUCTION GRANDS PROJETS): EPC contract for the construction of a 225.000 m3 LNG tank in Kitimat, British Colombia. Expected delivery in 2024 
    - Eurovia BC (EUROVIA): Major design-build contract in Chilliwack, British Columbia's seventh-largest city. The project calls for enhancing and widening three roads (Vedder Road, Promontory Road, and Prest Road) and four crossroads in four sectors on the edge of the city. Construction begins in early 2020 and ends in November 2021
    - Eurovia Canada, 20 % / VINCI Construction Grands Projets, 12.5 % / Dodin Quebec, 7.5 % (VINCI, 40 %) / KIEWIT, 60 %: The city of Ottawa has selected the East-West Connectors consortium to extend the Confederation Line, one of two Phase 2 lines for the city's O-Train light rail system. The contract calls for the design, construction, and financing of 27.5 kilometres of infrastructure to extend the Confederation Line to the West and East
    - ICCI (EIFFAGE): Halway river bridge 
    - ICCI (EIFFAGE): QEW Fort Erie Bowen Gilmore overpass 
    - Miller (COLAS): Repaving and widening of a section of Highway 401 in Ontario 
    - Miller (COLAS): Maintenance contract for the Kennedy area road network in Ontario 
    - NPA Ltd Company (COLAS): Repaving a section of Highway 40 south of Grande Prairie in Alberta 
    - Soletanche Bachy Canada (SOLETANCHE BACHY, SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION):  Contract to install 50 stainless steel risers in Lake Ontario for an expansion of the Ashbridges Bay Treatment plant on behalf of the City of Toronto, Care of Southland Holdings
    - VINCI Construction Grands Projets, 40 % / Entrepose, 60 % (VINCI CONSTRUCTION, 100 %): Design and build project for the engineering, procurement and construction of a 225.000 m3 LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tank 

    United States
    - Atlantic Coast (EUROVIA): Contract to rehabilitate US Route 1, a roadway that runs along the East Coast of the U.S. in the state of Maine from the city of Presqu'Ile to the city of Caribou. As a result of the project, which was completed in summer 2020, this section of the road was restructured to meet the growing traffic volume 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Renovation of a part of the real estate complex "The Flamingo" including the renovation of the rooms and the facade of the north tower 
    - Branscome Companies Inc. (COLAS): Widening of Route 10 in Chesterfield, Virginia 
    - Colaska (COLAS): Construction, repaving and widening of roadways on Parks Highway and Minnesota Drive in Alaska
    - Hubbard Construction Company (EUROVIA): Project to widen Florida State Road 417, a toll highway that serves as Orlando's ring road. The project targets nearly 10 kilometres of roadway between the Econlockhatchee River Trail and border between Orange and Seminole counties 
    - Hubbard Construction (EUROVIA): Development project by Universal Studios including earthworks, drainage, and building embankments, roads, and car parks. Works began in October 2019 and should be completed in January 2021 
    - Hubbard Construction (EUROVIA): Project to rehabilitate one of the runways (18L-36R OIA BP-486) at Orlando Airport. Works begun in January 2020 and should be completed in November 2020. They called for repaving the runway, implementing water-management networks, lighting systems, and signs, and widening the access road 
    - Hubbard Construction (EUROVIA): Phase II of the project to renovate one of the two runways at Lakeland Linder Airport in Florida. The project called for the demolition of the previous runway, in-place reprocessing, installing of runway lights, and implementation of a new wearing course 3.2 kilometres long and 76 metres wide. All of which was achieved in 96 days 
    - SOLETANCHE BACHY (SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION): The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) recently named the Kraemer/Nicholson (Soletanche Bachy, Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI Construction) Joint Venture (KNJV) as General Contractor for the installation of a new stormwater storage facility along I-35 West, South of Minneapolis. Construction of six independent shafts, that will be connected in a series leading to a pump station. In addition to the shafts, the KNJV will also be responsible for performing the excavation, concrete works, installation and testing of the mechanical, electrical and pumping system and final site restoration 
    - Sully-Miller Contracting Company (COLAS): Construction of taxiway P at Los Angeles International Airport, California 
    - VINCI Construction Grands Projets, 28 % / Dodin Campenon Bernard, 15 % (VINCI CONSTRUCTION 43 %) / Dragados, 42 % / Flatiron, 25 %: Contract for Design and Build Construction of the I-64 road link between Hampton and Norfolk in Virginia which includes 5.3 km of viaducts and new tunnels and the extension of 14.5 km of existing roads 


  • Brazil
    - VWT LATAM (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): Turnkey contract for a new pulp mill complete treatment plant currently under construction. Project's total capacity is 1.8 million air dry tonnes/year (MADT/y) for dissolved pulp and 2.8 MADT/y for kraft pulp. The process mainly relies on Multiflo technology with TGV filters for raw water treatment with a capacity of 8.000 m³/h, complemented by the treatment of effluent for a capacity of 6.600 m³/h and demineralization water treatment
    - VWT HPD (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES): Engineering, procurement and construction contract in partnership between HPD and VWT Brazil for the treatment of ashes from a recovery boiler to produce 650 tons of ashes per day. The process will rest on the HPD patented ECRP (Enhanced Chloride Removal Process) technology supported by one crystallizer system. The equipment delivery at the port of import in Brazil is expected for December 2020

    - Bitumix (EUROVIA): Extension of the Pedro Aguirre Cerda, an avenue in the city of Antofagasta, located in the Atacama Desert. This is a key project for the city and calls for completely rebuilding its busiest roadway and extending it by 4.3 kilometres. Works will be carried out over a period of three years and should be completed in 2021 
    - Eiffage Energia Chile (EIFFAGE): Construction of a solar power station of 11 MWdc (megawatt) for OPDE Chile SPA 
    - Eiffage Energie Chile (EIFFAGE): Construction of a solar power station of 3.5 MWdc for Reden Solar Chile SPA 
    - ETF (EUROVIA) / Colas Rail (COLAS): Supply and replacement of 150 switches and crossings as well as the supply (without installation) of 60 additional switches and crossings 
    - Gultro (Bitumix, EUROVIA): Has won the largest-ever contract in its history from El Teniente (Codelco Group) in the O'Higgins region, located between Santiago's metropolitan area and Argentina. Works began in November 2019 and will be carried out for six consecutive seasons from October to May, with a winter break 
    - Soletanche Bachy Chile (SOLETANCHE BACHY, SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Mining exploration contract for Codelco at its Chiquicamata mine. This contract covers 6.300 metres of reverse circulation drilling from the surface and 36.000 metres of HQ (96 mm) diameter diamond drilling from the mine tunnels (underground exploration drilling). The purpose of these explorations drilling is to define the geological contacts, the alternation of geological units and the geomechanical characteristics of the large caverns encountered in the ongoing Chuquicamata Underground Mine project. Work began in May 2019 and is due to complete in May 2022. The deepest HQ-diameter underground explorations drilling taken have been from a depth of 921 metres 

    - Soletanche Bachy Cimas (SOLETANCHE BACHY, SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) / CIMESA (SOLETANCHE BACHY, SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Construction of a wastewater pumping station of Bogota including two deep circular shafts, along with their foundations, excavations and bottom slabs
    - Soletanche Bachy Cimas and Rodio Swissboring (SOLETANCHE BACHY, SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Following the work Vinci carried out on the Ituango dam to install the cut-off walls and consolidate the banks in the second half of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, the teams have been back on site since the final quarter of last year. The task this time involve gallery works, build a temporary plug in the tunnel that diverts the Cauca river, creating a temporary by-pass of the existing flow so that a permanent plug can be constructed to ensure the safety of communities downstream of the dam 

    Costa Rica
    - SADE: For the construction of San José wastewater collection system including the diversion of the Maria Aguilar River, SADE was awarded the contract for the installation of 7.200 m of wastewater sewers, 4.535 to be laid in open trench (Ø 100 to 1.200 mm) and 2.665 m using microtunneling machine (Ø 600 and 1.200 mm) 

    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Hotel resort
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Hotel resort 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Hotel resort 
    - Bouygues Bâtiment International (BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION): Hotel resort 

    - Bessac (SOLETANCHE BACHY, SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION) / Soletanche Bachy Cimas (SOLETANCHE BACHY, SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET, VINCI CONSTRUCTION): Design and build of the hydraulic connection in Guayaquil between the wastewater pumping station and the treatment plant. It consists in the construction of a 1.90 m internal diameter and 4.300 meters long pressure discharge pipe, which about 4.100 meters will be excavated with the 2 microtunneling machines

    - TSO (NGE) / Prodemex / Deterra: Construction work to extend Line 12 of the Mexico City subway comprising the laying of 4.6 km of twin track with 20 switches and crossings and the construction of 3 stations and 4 sets of buffers 

    - TSO (NGE) / CIM: Maintenance work for Line 2 of the Panama City subway including track and catenary maintenance (3-year contract: May 2019 - May 2022) 

    - NGE CONTRACTING (NGE) / GrupoViaCentral / Consortium Constructor Ferrocarril Central (CCFC) / Sacem / Sacyr / Berkes: Construction and upgrading of a 273-km rail link, whose main purpose will be to carry products from the strategically important mill owned by Finnish paper producer UPM to Montevideo. Having previously removed the old track, work on laying the new track began this year 

    Documents Main international contracts obtained in 2019 by geographical area

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